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   Areola/Nipple Reconstruction  

Following reconstructive breast surgery, most women opt to follow through with the finishing touch of Paramedical Tattooing in order to restore or recreate an areola and/or nipple to their newly reconstructed breast. Using the clients skin tone as a guide for a natural color selection, along with careful shape and placement, Bare Beauty Solutions is able to achieve amazingly realistic looking areola/nipples.


This treatment is also ideal for clients who wish to restore color, definition and shape to their areolas. Most patients require a minimum of two treatments. A degree of color fading is common and further follow up treatments may be required to maintain desired color.


What to expect:


After deciding on size and color, a topical numbing cream will be applied, taking about 20 minutes to take effect. The new areolas and/or nipples will be drawn on the client. Once the client has approved the shape and placement the pigment will then be implanted using a medical-grade device. The entire treatment will take about 2 hours.


There is no downtime, however the client can expect to be a bit sensitive for the following few days. Please follow aftercare instructions and be sure to return for the follow-up session within 6-8 weeks of the initial procedure.

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